The future of Atlis

Our newest innovations, and our soon-to-comes

Minimum Viable Product

User registration and profile management

Basic interface customization

Allow users to change themes, colors, and fonts. Include some pre-built themes.

Basic Profile Customization

Let users add pictures, text, and a few basic widgets to their profiles.

Centralized Platform

Set up a centralized social platform where users can interact.

Canvas Chat

Implement basic Canvas Chat functionalities for more engaging communication.

Niches (Communities)

Allow users to create and join Niches. Users should be able to post and share content in their Niches.

End-to-end Encryption

Implement end-to-end encryption for private messages.

Open Beta

Advanced Profile Customization

Add more customization options like stickers, interactive widgets, etc.

Advanced Interface Customization

Add the built-in theme editor, allowing users to create, import, and export their own themes.


Implement the market where users can buy and sell themes, stickers, etc.


Reward users with achievements for using the platform.


Allow users to connect with other platforms and share more content.

Premium Profiles and Niches

Full Release

User Generated Content (UGC)

Enable users to create and share their own emojis, sounds, etc.

Decentralized Platform

Launch the decentralized platform for enterprises and other large organizations.

Developer API

Open up the API for developers to build applications, integrations, and more.

Private Account

Give users the option to make their account private.

Open Source

Release parts of the codebase as open source to involve the community.

Student Friendly

Provide student-only benefits.

Future Enhancements

Live Streaming and Long-form Videos

If user demand exists, add support for live streaming and uploading long-form videos.

More Integrations

Continuously add more integrations to allow users to connect with more platforms and share more content.

Enhanced Market

Add more options to the market, such as auctions or bidding, and continue to grow the selection of themes, stickers, etc.

More Community Features

Depending on user feedback, add more community-building features and enhance the Niches functionality.

Encrypted Video and Voice Calls

Allow users and niches to communicate privately and reliably via voice and video.

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